January 19, 2021

Hello People of the Fog, 

First off, happy New Year! We hope you had a fantastic holiday season, and we’re thrilled to be back with you for another year. We received great feedback on our last two Q&As (one on map porting and another with the QA team)so this month we are sitting down with…well, me! I’m Julia, a Community Manager on DbD Mobile, here to answer a few questions about the behind-the-scenes of the Community team. 


Can you walk us through the Community team’s responsibilities? 

The Community team is essentially one of the main bridges between you, the players, and the rest of the development team. While a Community Manager’s job can vary depending on the game or company, here we cover a wide range of responsibilities.  We create content for and handle social media channels. We try to deliver information in an exciting and informative way to players. We design/maintain safe and friendly platforms in which players can interact with each other. We relay bug reports and player feedback to our dev team, and having a vocal seat at the table when it comes to making game decisions. The list by no means ends there, but this should give you an idea of what goes into making sure the playerbase is welladvocated for! 


How do you relay feedback and bugs to the team? 

Community Managers use two different kinds of information: quantitative and qualitative. We look at statistics and trends, but also keep a close eye on individual feedback. 

We’ve tried to set up our platforms in a way that makes it straightforward to players, and usable for us; we have to be careful to not only listen to the loudest players, as a vocal minority does not always represent everyone else. W review just about every comment that comes in, and make sure every type of player is advocated for when presenting data, writing reports, and discussing game decisions. We meet regularly with the rest of the team to pass on our findings to ensure players are well-represented.  

A side note; I keep referencing feedback as if it were all critique, but positive feedback is also important. Not just because kind words motivate the team, but it shows us what players like so that we can keep doing more of that!

What’s the best way to submit feedback to the team? 

If you require a quick response to your query from our team, your best bet is to contact our player support. You can do this right in the game, or onlineThis is especially important for account or purchase issues; player support is the only place we are equipped with the right tools to resolve this with you. 

Our Discord server is a great place to post lesspressing feedback. We have a channel dedicated to bug reports which is heavily monitored by Community and QA, as well has a tool for submitting suggestions and ideas that our game design team frequents. It also happens to be a great place to talk about the game and ask questions; we have a lot of incredible community members who are always excited to meet new people and help out. Why wait through the player support process, when you can get a quick answer from a knowledgeable community member?  


What are the additional challenges of community management on a live game? 

Community Management is different on a live game for the same reason as any other development role; everything is constantly changing. On the development side, there is always new information going around and discussions to participate in, and on the player-facing side, social media is a living beast that must be tended to. It’s a challenge, but it’s also exciting; with many games upon release, what’s done is done. On a live game, the development team has the opportunity to continue to improve the game with player feedback, and to add more content to keep it fresh and interesting.  


What’s something you wish players knew about community management? 

We are passionate about the game too, and we want to see it flourish. Everyone on the team counts on us to not spill the beans about their upcoming projects. This means that we’re not always able to give out all the information you’d like. But we share the enthusiasm when seeing great new game content, and share the frustration when things aren’t going as planned. We can’t respond to every comment or message until we can reliably stretch a day out beyond 24 hours, but we’re here, we’re listening, and we’re all in this together.  

We hope that gives you some good insight on the Community team’s role behind the scenes. If you have more questions about the Community team, you know where to find us – hint: it’s just about everywhere! As always, let us know which other Mobile team departments you’d like to hear from. 

The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team

Ps. Community Check-ins are a video series we’re trying out; you can keep up with our check-ins here. In the meantime, enjoy an even deeper look behind the scenes…we’re still getting the hang of it.




A Dead by Daylight Mobile update introduces Mikaela Reid as a playable character alongside the new Boon Totem mechanic, as well as new customizations and bug fixes.


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