March 25, 2021

Get ready. Your favorite collections are coming back from the dead.


Dead by Daylight Mobile is celebrating its 1st anniversary and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the support, feedback, and love we’ve received from fans over the past year.  

To kick off the festivities, we’re making it more rewarding than ever to step into The Fog with an event for all the collectors, customization lovers, and completionists out there. Dig in below for the details! 



Anniversary Gift Boxes 


Seven time-limited collections of cosmetics have been introduced into Dead by Daylight Mobile since launch. They all eventually disappeared, never to be seen again in the Bloodmarket – until now. 

For the duration of our anniversary celebrationnew Anniversary Gift Boxes featuring these in-demand outfits will be available in the Bloodmarket. Each collection will be brought back for a specific window of time according to the calendar below, making it easy to focus on the ones that matter to you. 

Missing one or more pieces of an outfit? Missed out on a collection entirely? Just use your Bloodpoints to buy an Anniversary Gift Box while a collection is active and give yourself a shot at the item you need 



Sweetening the Deal 


We want you to claim as many free cosmetics as possible, so we’re lending you a hand. Simply playing the game during our anniversary celebration will let you acquire special shared offerings called Carnage Cupcakes that increase the Bloodpoint and Character Experience gains for every player in the trial.  

This means more Bloodpoints, more Anniversary Gift Boxes, and more rewards for you. Plus, Anniversary Gift Boxes are guaranteed to contain an item that’s new to you, or a customization you’ve yet to collect, so you always get what you need! 



Collection Calendar 


The event starts on March 22nd and ends of April 5th, with collections reappearing for the dates listed below.  

  • Into the Wilderness – Mar. 25th – 28th
  • Spring Harvest – Mar. 29th – Apr. 4th 
  • Treacherous Water – Apr. 5th – 11th  
  • Under the Night Sky – Apr. 12th – 18th  
  • Cook Out – Apr. 12th – 18th 
  • Summer Camp – Apr. 19th – 25th  
  • Back to School – Apr. 26th – May 2nd  


Play the game, open Anniversary Gift Boxes, complete your time-limited collections! 



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