June 10, 2021

A new mode is coming to Dead by Daylight Mobile. And this time it’s personal.  


Whether it’s tossing a Survivor up onto a hook or escaping by the skin of your teeth, sometimes it’s just more fun to square off against your buddies.  

We’re happy to announce that Custom Match Mode, one of our most requested features, is now available in Dead by Daylight Mobile making it easy to play your way, with friends. Here’s what you can expect from our latest mode:





Custom Match Mode gives you the chance to play Dead by Daylight Mobile in a private group without any unknown players joining the match.  

A match can include a maximum of 5 friends. If you happen to be less, your crew can be joined by bots to complete the team. Both the Killer and Survivor roles can be filled by bots, as needed. 

Access Custom Match through the game’s dropdown menu located right above the READY button. Custom Match also functions as an improved take on Training Mode and includes all the same functionality, but with even more options to you help polish your skills.



Customizing a Match: 


Not only will you have a say in who you play with, but if you’re the Party Leader you can also choose what your match looks like.

Perks, Items, and Offerings can all be toggled on or off giving you the option to go head-to-head with or without advantages. And since your playground can be just as important as the characters in it, you’ll also be able to select your map of choice or have it randomized. 

Bots can be turned on or off within the character selection menu. The characters your bots play as can be randomized or selected by you from the list of characters you already own. You can also control their difficulty setting. 

Finally, you’re facing off against your friends here so upon completing a match players will not earn any rewards. Except of course, for the most important reward of all – bragging rights.



Party it up with or against your friends in our all-new Custom Match Mode today! 



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