October 19, 2021

Horror universes collide!  


Since 2015, Crypt TV has been building an interconnected universe of imaginative, unique, and terrifying things that go bump in the night. Here at Dead by Daylight Mobile, we know a little something about that too, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome three of Crypt TV’s most chilling creations – The Mordeo, The Birch Witch, and The Look-See into the Fog as part of the Crypt TV Collection. 


The Huntress – The Mordeo 

It’s easy to get lost in the woods. Once you’re lost, it’s easy to despair. Hunger can be a powerful force, and when faced with starvation even the unthinkable becomes an option. But should you find yourself in The Mordeo’s sacred forest, the only thing more terrifying than being forced to resort to cannibalism… is what comes next. Wretched bear-skull face, imposing antlers, razor sharp claws… You belong to The Mordeo now. 

The Mordeo is a LEGENDARY outfit for The Huntress. It is also an UNBREAKABLE customization designed to create a singular look and cannot be separated into individual components. 


The Hag – The Birch Witch 

For those pure of heart who find themselves in danger, The Birch Witch may be willing to help… if you know how to ask for it. A knotted crown of roots adorns her head, gnarled talons stand ready to gouge, and an ancient power stirs within. She is a demoness of nature. A vengeful protector. Craft her talisman, speak the words, and summon her to exact your revenge. Though it may come with an unexpected price to pay.  

The Birch Witch is a VERY RARE outfit for The Hag. Its pieces can be bought and equipped individually allowing you to mix, match, and create your own looks. 


The Doctor – The Look-See 

Grief. Obsession. Despair. For those unwilling or unable to let go, a force exists to set you free. Holding onto emotional baggage is something we’re all guilty of, but in the world of The Look-See if you can’t find a way to move on, he’ll take matters into his own hands. First a warning arrives: “If you yourself can not release, then it will come to take a piece.” Refuse to heed it, and the last thing you see will be a sinister, scared, and sightless face smiling down at you with its twisted grin. 

The Look-See is a LEGENDARY outfit for The Doctor. It is also an UNBREAKABLE customization designed to create a singular look and cannot be separated into individual components. 


All three outfits for The Huntress, The Hag, and The Doctor can be found under their respective customization menus. 


Bring the fear with new outfits for The Huntress, The Hag, and The Doctor, available soon. 









We sat down with Giancarlo Garmendia, the UI Designer who created the new chat stickers feature in Dead by Daylight Mobile to learn about his process.


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