March 8, 2021

Fuse modern and traditional Japanese style with these new additions to a fan-favorite collection


Inspired by Japanese culture past and present, Dead by Daylight Mobile expands the Grim Matsuri Collection with a trio of new outfits for The Nurse, Yui Kimura, and Kate Denson.  



The Nurse – Kampo Trainee Outfit 

Sally Smithson was once a nurse, but the trail of bodies left in her wake shows she is no longer a healer. Eerily clad in her Kampo Trainee outfit, she has embraced the practice of traditional Japanese herbal medicine, concocting sinister remedies brewed for patients never meant to recover. 


Yui Kimura – Kumi Daiko Performer 

While Yui Kimura always walked to the beat of her own drum, she still found comfort in some traditional elements of her Japanese roots. The power she exuded in her Kumi Daiko Performer outfit reflected her feelings before the start of a racebeating her drum with the intensity of motorbike’s pistons running in top gear. 


Kate Denson – Tokyo Headliner 

When Kate Denson took to the stage, the venue’s patrons never expected the performance that came nextRadiating confidence in a Tokyo Headliner outfit more rock than country, her talents were on full display. She floored the room with a show worthy of Japan’s biggest arena. 


These VERY RARE outfits can all be found under their character’s Customization menu in Dead by Daylight Mobile. 

Each piece of these three new outfits can be purchased and equipped individually allowing you to mix and match to create your own aesthetic. 


Complete the Grim Matsuri collection today.


Get the Kampo Trainee, Kumi Daiko Performer, and Tokyo Headliner now in Customizations.



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