November 12, 2021

The Hallowed Curse never truly fades.

Luckily, three protective – and stylish – new outfits have come to Dead by Daylight Mobile.


The Pustula Flower is in full bloom, its strange nectar mutating Killers into grotesque and powerful nightmares. For those hoping to survive, contamination is not an option. Proper attire is essential when dealing with deadly substances, and Yui Kimura, Feng Min, and David King aren’t taking any chances. 



Feng Min – Lady Defiant 

Back home, Feng Min would spend hours immersed in game customization menus, carefully selecting outfits to best capture her character’s personality. Horror was never her favorite genre, but she always appreciated the distinctive style and darker imagery. Upon discovering this mysterious and extravagant dress deep within the abandoned workshop, Feng was overcome with wistful nostalgia for costume screens long gone.  


Yui Kimura – Miss Speedway 

It had been an eternity since Yui Kimura felt a motorcycle beneath her, but the memories of her speedway reign never faded. Each time she felt the Killer closing in, she’d recall the wind in hair, pushing herself to run faster. After discovering the abandoned workshop and the clothes inside, Yui marvelled at her fortune. The vintage outfit might have raised eyebrows at back home, but this racetrack had a different set of rules.  


David King – The Ruffian 

David King had been called a ruffian his entire life. He wore the label with pride — in a time of crisis, his fists were often more effective than his words. Alas, his right hook did little to stop the spread of the Pustula Flower. His search for shelter led him to Vigo’s abandoned workshop, where he discovered one of the researcher’s refined and rugged ensembles. An old favorite childhood adage came to mind: finders, keepers.  


All three new outfits for Feng Min, Yui Kimura, and David King can be found under their respective customization menus. Their pieces can be bought and equipped individually allowing you to create your own looks. 



Fight The Hallowed Curse with new outfits for Feng Min, Yui Kimura, and David King, available now.  



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