March 25, 2021

The godly and the grotesque collide with two new entries in a legendary collection. 


Dead by Daylight Mobile expands on its iconic Greek Legends Collection, turning a street racer into a goddess and a monster into a minotaur with new outfits for Yui Kimura, and The Oni. 



Yui Kimura – Goddess of Victory

The Fog shifted, revealing to Yui Kimura’s surprise, a Greek-inspired outfit laying just off the path. On its camisole were wings depicting Nike – the Goddess of Victory. It felt to Yui like an omen: a reflection of her spirit, pulled through the Fog from another age. And it was a part she was more than willing to play.  


This is a VERY RARE outfit for Yui. Its pieces can be bought and equipped individually, allowing you to mix, match, and create your own looks.  



The Oni – The Minotaur

The Minotaur emerged from The Fog rabid and raging. Conjured by memories and myths drawn from The Entity’s countless victims, he had become more than mere legend. He was now flesh and blood. With no labyrinth to contain him, The Minotaur sniffed the air and charged into the darkness in search of his next victim. 


The Minotaur is a LEGENDARY outfit for The Oni. This is an UNBREAKABLE customization designed to create a singular look and cannot be separated into individual components. 


Both outfits can be found under their character’s Customization menus in Dead by Daylight Mobile. 


Get the Goddess of Victory and The Minotaur now in Customizations. 



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