June 10, 2021

Two characters, four collections, ten outfits. Time to expand your wardrobe.   


Dead by Daylight Mobile is going all out for its K-Pop king and queen. Whether it’s multiple live-show costume changes for the Trickster, or Yun-Jin’s drive to dress for success, these 5 new outfits for each character should have them covered.



The Trickster – Live Show Collection: Ripper Night Costume 

NO SPIN was dead. The spotlight would never have to be shared again. While the audience didn’t know it yet, it wouldn’t be Ji-Woon Hak stepping on stage that night for his first solo performance. They were about to be introduced to the Trickster. Clad in the perfect outfit for his rebirth, he gripped the baseball bat that would soon become his signature prop and smiled to himself. The world wasn’t ready for what would come next.  


Also available now in the The Trickster Aberrations Collection 

  • Smash & Run Style  
  • Fatal Free Fall Style
  • One Caged Heart Style  
  • Whispers of Warmth Style  



Yun-Jin Lee – Record-Breaking Collection: The Chart Breaker  

The Trickster was topping charts around the world and Yun-Jin had never felt more powerful. She spared no expense ensuring her wardrobe projected every ounce of that strength. An extravagant silk scarf. The finest handmade Italian blouse money could buy. She exuded confidence and control at every turn, smiling at public events and commanding the room in business meetings. Together, her and Ji-Woon were poised to make a killing.  


Also available now in the The Yun-Jin Lee Essentials Collection:  

  • Sinsa-dong Press Conference 
  • Apgujeong-dong Press Conference 
  • Myeong-dong Press Conference 
  • Cheongdam-dong Press Conference 


All outfits can be found under the Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee’s customization menus. Their pieces can be bought and equipped individually allowing you to mix, match, and create your own looks.  


Hit the stage in style with 10 high-fashion looks for The Trickster Yun-Jin. 



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