August 24, 2020

Hello People of the Fog,

It’s no secret that the Cursed Legacy chapter has been long-awaited on Dead by Daylight Mobile, and we’re excited to finally bring Yui Kimura and The Oni to the game. Alongside new characters come a full revamp of two maps, a new outfit collection in the Bloodmarketand some general bug fixing (refer to the patch notes for more details).


Traditions Die Hard 

Two long-awaited new characters step into The Fog this week; Yui Kimura, an esteemed street racer with a reputation of coming back stronger against all odds, and The Oni, the living embodiment of wrath and redemption.  


Yui and her playstyle encompass the heart of a determined fighter; Lucky Break activates any time you are injured, masking your blood trails to throw the Killer off your tracks, Any Means Necessary gives you the opportunity to even the odds by resetting a dropped pallet, and Breakout kicks you into high gear allowing you to move faster new carried Survivors and giving them the motivation to struggle free faster. 

The Oni, the culmination of Kazan Yamaoka’s fabled decline into anger and bloodlust, has an imposing presence with his massive stature and brutal weapons. Absorbing blood from his foes sends him into a Blood Fury, enabling incredible speed to close the gap and take out a Survivor in a single blow. Zanshin Tactics gives you an acute awareness of your surroundings and highlights key points on the battlefield, Blood Echo inflicts agony across the party by inflicting crippling status effects on injured Survivors when one is hooked, and Nemesis lets you easily track and take revenge on any Survivor who dares strike you.

 The Oni and Yui are currently available for 500 Auric Cells in the Character selection menus. They will be available for purchase with Iridescent Shards at a later date. 


Crotus Prenn Asylum 

The Crotus Prenn Asylum has undergone an extensive revamp this month, with a full overhaul of textures and lighting. Comprised of Disturbed Ward and Father Campbell’s Chapel, the Asylum Realm is home to The Nurse, The Clown, and more horrors than can ever be fathomed. Burn a Charred Wedding Photograph to increase your chances of visiting the Crotus Prenn Asylum and have a look around! 

Summer Camp Collection 

The Summer Camp Collection is perfect for: 

  • Toasting marshmallows 
  • Sacrificing to The Entity 
  • Singing campfire songs 
  • Running for your life 
  • Stargazing 

Find new outfits for Dwight Fairfield, Meg Thomas, The Nurse, and The Trapper in Gold Tier Super Mystery Boxes until September 20! 

New Map Layouts 

Veterans of Dead by Daylight Mobile may have noticed that map layouts start to become a little familiar over time. To shake things up and breathe new life into existing maps, we will be changing up map layouts on a monthly basis to bring a new level of challenge to the Trials.  

The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team 



A Dead by Daylight Mobile update introduces Mikaela Reid as a playable character alongside the new Boon Totem mechanic, as well as new customizations and bug fixes.


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