May 17, 2021

A creepy elephant and a cutthroat gamer straight from our fans, into the Fog. 


Inspired directly by fan-submitted designs, these two amazing outfits for The Clown and Feng Min arrive in Dead by Daylight Mobile courtesy of the Community Collection. 



The Clown – Mr. Puddles (Design Inspired By: Kangyaku) 

Conjured from a fever dream and lovingly stitched together inside his caravan, Jeffrey Hawk was pleased as punch to finally step into the skin of his new alter ego, Mr. Puddles. The blood-soaked plush costume promised to make every new disembowelment wackier than ever, and The Clown couldn’t wait to see the happy grin on his next victim’s face as the silly elephant approached, knife in hand.  


Feng Min – Demon Slayer (Design Inspired By: Agus Alvi) 

The tournament was over. Following an epic clash, the underdog Laser Bears had officially dethroned reigning Esports champs, the Shock Demons. The only one not shocked: Feng Min. Celebrating her victory in style Feng dressed the part of a demon slayer wearing her Shining Lion jacket with pride, the demonic symbol of her defeated rivals perched atop her head – a war trophy for all to see.  



Both Mr. Puddles and Demon Slayer are VERY RARE outfits and can be found under The Clown and Feng Min’s customization menus. Pieces for both outfits can be bought and equipped individually, allowing you to mix, match, and create your own looks.  


These outfits can only be purchased using Iridescent Shards. 


Get The Clown’s Mr. Puddles and Feng Min’s Demon Slayer outfits now in Customizations. 



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