July 5, 2021

Complete your collection with 3 more darkly divine outfits delivered straight from Olympus. 


Collectors rejoice! Three new additions to the Greek Legends Collection have made their way to Dead by Daylight Mobile and include Grecian outfits for the Clown, the Spirit, and Jane Romero. 



The Clown – Lord of the Underworld

Death and despair had always appealed to Jeffrey Hawk, but he never imagined he’d occupy the throne of the underworld. The Fog, thick with myths and memories from the souls it swallowed, enveloped the Clown twisting and reshaping his body and garb in the image of the Greek god Hades.  

 Lord of the Underworld is a VERY RARE and UNBREAKABLE outfit for the Clown. It is designed to create a singular look and cannot be separated into individual components.  



The Spirit – Furious Nyx

Brimming with rage from a violent end and a cursed legacy, Rin’s innermost darkness was reflected by the Fog, fusing with myths and stories from Survivors past to give her the appearance of Nyx, the Greek goddess of night. A cadaverous, ancient face. Bone-like armor protruding from flesh. An ancient blade hued with the dying colors of twilight. She would show them true darkness. 

This is a VERY RARE outfit for the Spirit. Its pieces can be bought and equipped individually, allowing you to mix, match, and create your own looks.  



Jane Romero – The Goddess Muse

As poetry and tales of the Muse Thalia mingled in the Fog, an outfit formed and found its way to Jane. As the fabric draped around her, she instantly felt a heightened version of herself rising from within. She would flourish, and she would help others do the same. It was time to face her fears and remind the world who she was.  

The Goddess Muse is a VERY RARE and UNBREAKABLE outfit for Jane Romero. It is designed to create a singular look and cannot be separated into individual components.  



All three outfits can be found under their character’s Customization menus in Dead by Daylight Mobile.   

Discover the Greek Legends Collection today!  



Get Lord of the Underworld, Furious Nyx, and The Goddess Muse now in Customizations.




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