December 2, 2021

This update brought a brand-new way to connect to other players: Chat Stickers. 

We sat down with Giancarlo Garmendia, the UI Designer who created the stickers, and got to know his process, vision and hope for these original emotes.


1 – How did you start designing the chat stickers – where did you begin? 

I started exploring the style – the stickers are cartoon with some manga elements. I tried to simplify the characters, but at first, they looked too childish and cute. Then I tried a cartoon style with larger heads to highlight the expressions and keep details that make the characters recognizable and tried to make them look less childish this time.  


2 – Did you look to any inspiration for the art style? 

I tried taking the characters a bit out of the serious context of the game’s horror theme, to make them funny for the players. I used the characters that I thought best fit each expression. For example, The Doctor is always forced to smile due to the retractors that he has in his mouth but there are characters we never see smile, like The Hag, and that’s funny. 

I added some recognizable elements that are commonly seen in emotes (like the manga-style angry symbol on the Oni’s head).  

I know that many details will be lost due to the size of the stickers, and especially on a mobile phone, for example, a small pattern on the collar of the nurse’s dress, but I’ve always liked to add details (sometimes too many!) 


3 – Do you have a favourite sticker out of the ones you designed? 

If I had to choose a favorite sticker it would probably be the Doctor, it’s a bit creepy but at the same time funny. I also like the Nurse, because I found a way to show an expression through the hood on her face. 


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