August 4, 2020

Hello People of the Fog, 

Today we’d like to address a major community request that we’ve received over the past several months; matchmaking changes.  

Matchmaking is the set of algorithms by which the game determines who you will be playing with or against. Until now, Ranks have been the primary factor used to determine how to match players. Trying to strike the right balance between fair games and short queue times for both Killer and Survivor roles has been a long, iterative process on Dead by Daylight Mobile, and starting today, we are trying something new. 

With an overwhelming amount of feedback that Ranks are not a true indicator of player’s skill, Dead by Daylight on PC and Consoles has already taken the step towards a new Matchmaking System, with positive, encouraging results. On Mobilethanks to your feedback, we are aware that Ranks are not a strong representation of skill on this platform either and we are following suit to revamp the way matches are formed. 


What has changed? 

Effective today, the primary change is that the new Matchmaking System has been adjusted to track player skill rather than rely on Ranks. This will be the most apparent when playing the Killer role; for example, if you are great with The Trapper but you struggle with The Nurse, you will now be playing against stronger Survivors when you play The Trapper than you do with The Nurse.  

In addition, matchmaking as a whole has seen some improvements, and we expect to see more balanced, fair matches; we will continue to monitor and adjust these parameters as needed. 


Why replace ranks? 

Ranks have proven to be an inaccurate indicator of skill within Dead by Daylight Mobile; they tend to be a better reflection of time spent in the game rather than actual ability. This can make matches unbalanced, which is an unpleasant experience for players who are new to the game and still learning the ropes, as well as veterans who rely on experienced teammates and challenging adversaries to enjoy the Trials.  

In the meantime, Ranks will still be present in the game and reset on the 13th of every monthbut will no longer have any bearing on matchmaking. 


Why are ratings better? 

The new Rating system focuses on measuring a player’s skill and predicting how well they will perform against a given opponent, in order to build matches that are objectively fair for everyone in the game. We’ve analyzed over 3 million matches done on Dead by Daylight PC & Console, where this new system performed exceedingly well and we are confident that this kind of system will suit players on Mobile as well. 


I have feedback!

Please send it our way! These are big changes, and we want to hear how they impact you and your enjoyment of the game. Fair matchmaking is a crucial part of a positive multiplayer experience, and we look forward to continually tweaking this new system as we learn more.

– The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team 



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