July 26, 2021

It’s easy to dress for success when you have outfits like these waiting to be worn. 


Glamour. Extravagance. Excess. No other characters in Dead by Daylight Mobile can claim to bring this much style into the Fog. The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee are back with a wardrobe that just keeps getting bigger. Our latest release features a pair of outfits tied to two key career moments for these pop mega-stars.  



The Trickster – Forgive Me Not Performance

As his first national solo tour wore on, The Trickster, clad in what would become his signature look reveled in the power he held over his audience. Hair dyed dark in mock mourning, he watched legions of his grief-stricken fans overcome by emotion for the lost members of NO SPIN. Emotion punctuated further by his music and performance. Both sides of his art combining to produce true sorrow. Now to create an encore that would leave them breathless.   



Yun-Jin Lee – One Caged Heart Launch

From the beginning of her career, Yun-Jin was meticulous in shaping every element of her image she could control. From handshakes, to interactions, to emails, to outfits, she never missed an opportunity to put forward the most refined version of herself possible: composed, creative, savvy, and not to be trifled with. For the launch of NO SPIN’s new album, she dressed to make a statement and succeeded in cementing herself not only as a gifted music producer, but a style icon, too. 



Both the Forgive Me Not Performance and One Caged Heart Launch outfits can be found under the Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee’s customization menus. Their pieces can be bought and equipped individually allowing you to mix, match, and create your own looks. 



Top the charts with new outfits for The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee. 



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