July 2, 2019

Hello People of The Fog,

Following the announcement and Meet the Devs stream, we wanted to take the time to explain the vision for DbD Mobile further, as well as give you an update on our upcoming plans.

When we started developing the mobile version of Dead by Daylight in October 2018, our goal was simple: make the same intense and thrilling experience of DBD more accessible to more players and horror fans around the world.

Our vision for DbD Mobile is to make the game playable everywhere across the globe. Whether you’re on a train, on vacation, or in a party with friends, we want you to be able to bring the Dead by Daylight experience wherever you go and play it whenever you want.

The DbD Mobile team is currently made up of 30 passionate and talented game developers—engineers, artists, designers, testers, and specialists, all working together to achieve this vision. We are DBD fans, experts, and mobile gamers, and we are all excited to take on this challenge and grow with you as a community.

Some of the DbD Mobile devs thoroughly enjoying the photobooth at the 3 Year Anniversary event.

Over the next few weeks, we will be hard at work testing the game in its Beta version and improving it further for its official launch. You can also look forward to more updates and details about the state of DbD Mobile from us. In our next blogpost, we will be talking about more design and development aspects to give you an insight into our process.

If you’d like to be among the first to get these updates, pre-registrations are still open. Remember that pre-registering will also allow to get you a chance to receive in-game rewards and be among the first to experience the game, so we highly encourage it. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so by filling out the pre-registration form on our homepage.

Again, we’d like to thank everyone for the support that you’ve shown DbD Mobile over the past few days, and the passion you’ve given to Dead by Daylight. We’re looking forward to seeing you in The Fog soon.


The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team


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