February 10, 2020

Hello People of the Fog,

It’s been a busy January working on one of our more intensive updates, which is now available for download. We want to start the year off on the right foot, so we took a good look at all the feedback we’ve received from the community in the past few months and checked some items off our to-do list. Making reactive changes to feedback takes a lot of design and implementation time and as such there is still much work to be done, but we hope this update will bring some positive changes to the Dead by Daylight Mobile experience. Full patch notes can be found at the bottom of this blog post and have been sent in-game.

Disconnection Bots

We’ve received a lot of feedback about the number of disconnections, leaving Survivors at a disadvantage when their teammates disconnect, or ending the Trial altogether if the Killer leaves the match. We’re also aware that some of these disconnections are intentional, and we feel that players should not be punished or put at a disadvantage for the unsportsmanlike conduct of others.

Our proposed solution to this issue is to introduce Killer and Survivor bots who can seamlessly replace a player in the event of a disconnection. After a small grace period for the player’s device to attempt reconnection, their Character will automatically be replaced with a bot and continue the Trial.

These bots are still in early stages, so please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback on their functionality.

Will there be an indication that a bot has joined a game?

At this time there is no indication that a bot has joined in order to fulfill the vision of a seamless integration.

Will the bots be able to use Perks and Items?

A bot that has replaced a player will share an identical load-out, however these early stage bots will not be able to use secondary actions.

Will Bloodpoints and Experience earned be affected when a bot is present in a Trial?

Bloodpoint and Experience earned will not be affected.

Do bots range in difficulty depending on Rank?

For now, bots do not play at different levels of difficulty.

Matchmaking Changes

One of the challenges of an early access game where playerbase is limited is to implement a matchmaking system that puts players into matches as quickly as possible while still maintaining fairness.

We’ve been experimenting with finding a healthy balance, ranging from small rank brackets that drove the queue time up too high, to completely open matchmaking that decreased queue times but compromised on fairness. With this update, we have made some back-end improvements to matchmaking in general. This gives us the flexibility to further finetune the matchmaking to meet the needs of beta players, and then adapt accordingly at global launch. Starting now, the game will try to match players with teammates and/or opponents of a similar rank, and gradually expand search parameters if suitable matches are not yet found. This is an iterative process that will likely undergo more adjustments, but we aim to ultimately strike a fair balance.

The Spirit and The Legion Updates

Players of the PC and Console version of Dead by Daylight will be aware that some balance changes were made to The Spirit and The Legion back in December 2019. Like anything we port to Mobile, there is manual work that must be done, and as such we are not yet on the same schedule for balance changes.

With this update, we have merged changes for The Spirit, the Legion, and their respective add-ons, as well as the perks Kindred, No One Left Behind, and Balanced Landing. See the patch notes at the bottom of this blog post for more specific details.

MacMillan Estate Realm

All five maps in the MacMillan Estate Realm have seen a vast graphics improvement with this update, a treatment we hope to give the rest of the maps over time. Take a look:



While MacMillan Estate Realm got the biggest makeover, we have also made some general appearance improvements to multiple maps, including some texture fixes, re-enabling The Fog, and updating Generators and blood effects.

Store Bundles

New to the Store this update are Bundles, a way to save up to 50% when purchasing multiple Characters and Customizations.

Until March 9th 2020, the Base Game bundle will be on sale for 1580 AC, which includes 6 Characters and all 34 of their base game customizations.

Character Starter packs are available for a limited time on a rotating basis for 790 Auric Cells (a discount of 50%); if you’re considering picking up The Wraith or Nea Karlsson with some flashy outfits, now is the time!

Nea Karlsson + the Dark City outfit

The Wraith + the Wax Warlock outfit

Notable Bug Fixes and Changes

We had the opportunity to address some much-requested changes and bug fixes this month. Full patch notes can be found at the bottom of this blog post, but here are the highlights:


Ebony Memento Mori Offerings

Due to the rarity structure of the Bloodmarket, Ebony Memento Mori Offerings were appearing far too frequently, causing frustration for Killers and Survivors alike. We have now modified the appearance rate to make these special Offerings as rare as they should be.

Killer Visual Cues

Dead by Daylight on Mobile supports audio cues with use of visual indicators in order to make the game accessible even without sound on. However, it had become apparent that Killers were being given too much of an advantage with the distances at which they could detect a Survivor.

As such, we have made some adjustments to reduce the range of the following visual cues:

1. Survivor Injured
2. Survivor in the Dying State
3. Generator Repair Progress
4. Survivor running
5. Hatch opened

We’re aware that visual indicators can be more discernable than audio cues, so we are testing this reduction in range to better balance their impact.

William “Bill” Overbeck Perks

We had been experiencing an issue that removed the perks Borrowed Time, Unbreakable, and Left Behind from the level up pool. This is now resolved and continuing to level up any Survivor will start awarding these perks.



Patch Notes

  1. Adjusted display distances on various visual cues for the Killers:
    1. Survivor Injured
    2. Survivor in the Dying State
    3. Generator repair progress
    4. Survivor running
    5. Hatch opened
  2. The Spirit gameplay balance updates:
    1. Removed collision between the Spirit and other players while she is phasing
    2. Adjusted the speed curve for the spirit’s post phasing speed bonus to drop off more gradually over a longer period of time
    3. Restored The Spirit’s visible 3rd person animation while vaulting windows
    4. Prayer Beads Bracelet add-on: made phasing sounds global instead of removing them
    5. Add-on value changes for Katana Tsuba, Wakizashi Saya, Yakuyoke Amulet, White Hair Ribbon, and Bloody Hair Brooch
  3. The Legion gameplay balance updates:
    1. Mend times for Deep Wound reduced
    2. Attacking while in Feral Frenzy will no longer be a basic attack; perks that trigger with a basic attack will no longer trigger under this circumstance
    3. Increased Feral Frenzy speed
    4. Decreased Feral Frenzy window vault and pallet vault durations
    5. Adjusted Feral Frenzy duration on Mischief List, Mural Sketch, and Stolen Sketch Book add-ons
    6. Changed requirements of all 3 Pin add-ons (Smiley Face Pin, Defaced Smiley Pin and The Legion Pin)
    7. Lowered added mend time on Filthy Blade add-on
  4. Balance changes to Perks:
    1. Kindred updated to allow the player to see all other Survivor auras when another Survivor is on the hook. Also allows the player to see the Killer’s aura if they are within a certain range of the hook
    2. No One Left Behind updated for higher bonus action speed when healing and unhooking Survivors once the End Game Collapse is triggered. Auras of other Survivors are revealed to you
    3. Balanced Landing updated to reduce volume of grunts while falling and to no longer grant stagger reduction while Exhausted
  5. Added bots to replace disconnected players
  6. Improved Matchmaking efficiency for all ranks
  7. Reworked graphics on all 5 maps of the Macmillan Estate Realm
  8. General appearance improvement, including re-enabling The Fog in game, generators and blood effects
  9. Reworked Killer & Survivor Tutorials and made them replayable in the game settings for practising
  10. New bundles feature in Store
  11. Re-balanced Ebony Memento Mori appearance rates in the Bloodmarket
  12. UI update on Undetectable Killer perks (Insidious, Beast of Prey, Dark Devotion, Tinkerer)
  13. Bug fixes:
    1. Fixed issue where camera turns faster or slower depending on framerate (affects especially The Hillbilly)
    2. Fixed issue with The Clown’s Intoxication Ritual where it couldn’t be completed Removed status indicator telling players they are affected by debuff perks unless there is an actual effect
    3. Fixed a wall collision in the Wretched Shop map that allowed the Killer to attack through the wall Texture fixes on multiple maps
    4. Fixed the issue that awarded 2 tiers of the same perk when leveling up a character
    5. Added a visual difference for skill checks of the perk Hex: Ruin
    6. Re-enabled the generic version of the Bill Overbeck perks
    7. Removed the red glow from the Pig’s “Second Chance” Mask
    8. Removed the spoiler on mystery boxes in the Bloodmarket
    9. The Offering screen no longer appears if no Offering has been used
    10. Fixed issue where the crouch button sometimes got stuck


We sat down with Giancarlo Garmendia, the UI Designer who created the new chat stickers feature in Dead by Daylight Mobile to learn about his process.


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