October 8, 2020

Hello People of the Fog,

A new version of Dead by Daylight Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android! 


Here’s the latest: 

  • Major balance changes from PC/Console 
  • Improved movement controls 
  • New Survivor and Killer outfits rewarded in the Bloodmarket

And wouldn’t be a horror game without some spooky content coming your way for Halloween. The main events are yet to be announced, but we’ll have more news for you on that soon. Stay tuned! 


Yamaoka Estate Realm 

Due to challenges merging data from PC/Console, we unfortunately need a little bit more time to fix issues on this map. It is currently disabled, and we will re-enable it soon in the next update this month when it is performing up to our standards. Thank you for your patience – here’s a little sneak peak of what it’s going to look like! 

We received feedback that the Yamaoka Estate: Family Residence map felt too dark and didn’t make for a fun experience. This made it a natural choice for our next visual overhaul; the map has a received a full rework of lighting and textures, bringing it up to par with the standard for maps we’d like to set moving forward.  

You’ll also notice another exciting detail; we’ve also revamped some of the global objects and their animations. Take a Generator for a whirl and you’ll see what we mean! 

 The Cannibal & The Hillbilly Updates 

As we mentioned recently, this update involved a big data merge with the PC/Console game, which is necessary every few months to sync up with changes and to port over more things to work on. These merges are very delicate, time-consuming, and often complicated, but they are a necessary part of the development of a ported game!  

With this merge, we have brought over the reworks of The Cannibal and The Hillbilly, which includes updates to their skills and add-ons. The Doctor has also received a minor change, and several perks have been re-balanced. Read more about all the changes in our patch notes.


Improved Movement Controls 

Over the past many months we’ve been gathering feedback and data on player experience with controls. We’re aware of the many requests to customize controls and layout, and while we’re not at a point where we’re able to allow full customization, we have implemented the first phase of control improvements; the dynamic joystick.  

Feedback has shown us that the way the movement control stick is locked to a narrow window on the screen can make movement feel clunky and uncomfortable. The dynamic joystick lets players expand the surface allocated to movement controls, allowing for easier control, especially in tense situations. This feature can be enabled in your Options menu, or disabled if it does not suit your playstyle. Give it a try and let us know what you think! 

Back to School Outfits  

Class is in session, and the students are dressed to kill. The Back to School outfit Collection, featuring Claudette and The Legion, is rolling into The Bloodmarket for a limited time, available only in Gold Tier Super Mystery Boxes. 

The Hallowed Festival 

Something wicked this way comes…stay tuned for more details coming soon! 


The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team 



We sat down with Giancarlo Garmendia, the UI Designer who created the new chat stickers feature in Dead by Daylight Mobile to learn about his process.


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