July 25, 2019

Hello People of The Fog,

It has now been three weeks since the official launch of the Beta version of Dead by Daylight on mobile, so it’s only apt that we give you an update on what we’ve been working on following this. We have been pleasantly surprised by the impressive number of players who have tried our game so far and are grateful for your continuous support.

We’d also like to thank all those who have participated in our weekly Reddit AMAs. Diane, Emilie, JP and Rose all enjoyed talking to you and answering your questions. The entire team is looking forward to more opportunities to interact with the community soon.

JP, Rose, Diane

Our team members Diane, Rose, JP and Emilie were glad to answer your questions during our weekly AMA sessions! (we let Emilie out of the locker eventually, don’t worry!)


This early phase of the Beta has allowed us to test the technical capabilities of the game. We have been hard at work analyzing how our back-end technology is performing and making sure that the core features and mechanics of the game are smooth-sailing. Our Technical Director, JP and Associate Producer, Valentine (both of whom you’ve met) were both particularly on the look-out for any server issues, while dedicated members from Community, Customer Support, and QA tracked player issues and feedback online.

We’ve addressed some of the most pressing problems and bugs through a hotfix which we deployed a few days after the official Beta launch. For example, we fixed the name bug that would show a random “localhost” name when joining a game; your true player name will now be displayed instead! We’re continuously working on improving the optimization, controls and UI, as we’ve seen the feedback about these. Among other things, we added tooltips for Perks, Items, Add-ons and Offerings, as requested by a lot of players. Moreover, we are also working on the Bloodmarket and fixing more bugs to further improve the game experience and playability.

Your real player name will show in game.

Tooltips are now available for Perks, Items, Offerings and Add-ons.

NOTE: As this question has been asked by many players, we would like to clarify that you will not lose the progress you made during the Beta after the final version of the game is released worldwide. You will keep all your Bloodpoints, Auric Cells and character progression as long as you’ve connected your account with Facebook or Google.

Thank you for all your feedback and reported bugs! They are truly helpful in improving DbD Mobile. If you wish to give us more, remember to file a ticket on the Support Page so we can easily read them. Make sure to file it as a DbD Mobile ticket so it gets directed to the right team.

DbD Mobile devs celebrating the Beta launch




There are still many features in development that we will be adding to the game in the next few weeks. Some of these are the Rituals, rewards and more of your favorite licensed characters from the PC and console versions.

Because of the community’s overwhelming support across the globe, we are also making the Beta version available to users in more countries soon. More exciting things are coming to DbD Mobile, so make sure you’ve pre-registered to get the latest updates and a chance to get in-game rewards!

Thank you again for your continuous support! We’re definitely motivated to continue working hard and make DbD Mobile the best it can be. We’ll see you soon in The Fog!


The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team


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