December 7, 2020

Hello People of the Fog,

A new version of Dead by Daylight Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android!

Here’s the latest:

  • Customizable Controls
  • MacMillan Estate Revamp
  • Balance changes
  • New customizations


Customizable Controls

One of the most requested features since our beta phase was for customizable controls – they’re here! We’ve received a lot of feedback that playing on a mobile device can be challenging if it’s not comfortable, so this feature is designed to lend total flexibility with button placement and allow you to tailor everything to your preferences.

Adjust size, transparency, and orientation of all on-screen buttons and icons, and save layouts for your favourite Survivor and Killer. We’re looking forward to seeing what kind of setups the community designs, so please show us what you come up with!


MacMillan Estate Revamp

While the MacMillan Estate saw some improvements back in beta, the integration of more and more of the PC/Console graphical improvements into Mobile has allowed us to take it even further. You’ll have to check it out for yourself to really see (use a MacMillan’s Phalanx Bone Offering to increase your chances of landing in this realm), but here are some captures of the new improvements.

Balance Changes

With this update comes a few balance changes from a prior PC/Console update, centered around The Executioner, the newest Killer to join Dead by Daylight Mobile. We have also caught up on many perk updates. For more details on these changes, please visit this update’s patch notes.


The Greek Legends Collection

Inspired by the Olympic Pantheon of Antiquity, the Greek Legends Collection has arrived in Dead by Daylight Mobile. Starting today, find new outfits for Adam Francis, Feng Min, and David King for purchase under their respective customization tabs.

Holiday Season

The holiday season is nigh! While Halloween is still our most sacred time of the year here on Dead by Daylight Mobile, we’re all excited to gear up for the holidays. This is our last major update of 2020, but we still have some fun holiday festivities up our sleeves. Stay tuned for some new customizations and events coming your way throughout the month, and we’ll see you in the new year!


The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team



A Dead by Daylight Mobile update introduces Mikaela Reid as a playable character alongside the new Boon Totem mechanic, as well as new customizations and bug fixes.


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