August 16, 2019

Hello People of the Fog,

Over a month has gone by since we’ve launched the Beta version of Dead by Daylight on Mobile, and we know an incredible number of players are anxiously awaiting the next step in development. As a thank you for your patience and continuous support, we are so excited to finally welcome some more countries to our Beta test, a couple of new characters, and a fresh map to DbD Mobile.

We cannot emphasize enough how grateful the team is to all of you for playing the game, offering us feedback, and keeping up the excitement and enthusiasm as we draw closer to our global launch.

Game Improvements and Optimization

Thanks to the community’s assistance with reporting bugs and giving feedback, we have made some impactful fixes to improve the game experience. Community, Customer Support, and QA have been tracking the most pressing issues and we’ve been hard at work improving the game experience and playability.

Making sure the game runs smoothly is a top priority, so we would like to invite you to submit any issues you encounter to the Customer Support team to make sure we have the details logged and investigated. You can get in touch with us by submitting a mobile-specific ticket to us on the Support Page.

Newcomers to DbD Mobile

If you don’t run Spine Chill and hate having to look around as you repair generators – we have some bad news for you. We know how much you missed stalking Survivors with Michael Myers (also known as the Shape) and we’re thrilled that we’ve finally been able to add him into the game. Like all playable Characters in DbD Mobile, the aim is to stay true to the core game experience, and as such he is still the same Michael you know and love. We can’t wait to hear what you think of him – please let us know!

It wouldn’t be a complete release without The Shape’s object of obsession, Laurie Strode, who has just been added to the game as well. Laurie brings with her one of the most anticipated Teachable Perks, Decisive Strike, and is ready to challenge the trials.

In order to bring even more variety to DbD Mobile, we have also added a new killing ground to the lineup. Crotus Prenn Asylum: Disturbed Ward is now one of the many playable maps optimized for Mobile.

Beta Access

We have received a large number of requests to open Beta access to more countries, and while we’re sincerely grateful that such an overwhelming number of people across the world want to play our game, we’d like to take a moment to explain why we must stagger releases.

Right now we are still in an early Beta phase of development, where we are gathering all of the feedback we can in order to polish and perfect the game before global launch. We have incredible teams monitoring community feedback, support tickets, and gameplay data to relay back to the developers, but the reality is that opening the game up worldwide for feedback would be an information overload. We strive to be efficient in tracking and addressing feedback, but too much information at once would result in data slipping through the cracks and fewer issues getting resolved.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm, and for those of you who cannot join us in the Beta version, we can’t wait to show you the finished product during our global launch!


The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team


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