August 30, 2019

Hello People of the Fog,

These past (almost) two months since the first Beta launch have been a whirlwind. It’s only been a week or so since our last blog post, but we would be remiss not to share with you all the exciting stuff we’ve been working on. Bringing existing content like The Shape and Laurie Strode to the playable Character roster was the highlight of the last update, but this time around we’ve got something new in-store for you.

It’s been very important to us to maintain the core Dead by Daylight experience on Mobile, but we also believe that Mobile should be able to stand on its own as an accessible game in order to introduce DbD to everyone, everywhere. As such, we’re finally ready to show off some new features that are exclusive to Mobile.

Daily Rewards Calendar

Dead by Daylight on Mobile introduces a new way to earn rewards – just log in. While missing a day will not make you lose your progress, make sure to keep an eye on the time left so that you don’t miss any rewards! Calendars will operate on a rotating basis, offering different rewards based on the calendar cycle.

Login daily to earn in-game rewards and resources

Rewards will include Bloodpoints, Items, Iridescent Shards, highly-coveted Auric Cells, and a new type of item – scroll down to to learn about Free Tickets.

Free Ticket System

Also new and unique to Mobile is the Free Ticket System, a feature designed to give you the opportunity to sample a variety of Characters and their respective playstyles before making an investment.

Use Free Tickets obtained through the Daily Rewards Calendar to try out Characters for a limited time.

Free Tickets are earned as a Login Reward, in 6, 12, and 24 hour durations. To use a Free Ticket, select the Character on which you’d like to spend your ticket and choose which ticket to use. This Character will now be unlocked until the timer runs out! Don’t worry – if the Ticket expires while you’re playing, the timer will be extended until the end of the game.

**Note that licensed Survivors and Killers are not currently compatible with the Free Ticket System

Game Improvements and Optimization

You’ll notice that another new map has been added and fully optimized for Mobile: explore Father Campbell’s Chapel in the Crotus Prenn Asylum!

It’s no secret that adapting Dead by Daylight to Mobile is ambitious and has its challenges, but the team has been doing an incredible job bringing the core game experience to this new platform. Community, Customer Support and QA teams have been closely monitoring and tracking issues, and with your help submitting feedback we’ve been able to make some major fixes in this update.

As we are still in our Beta phase, we greatly appreciate your patience while we make sure everything runs smoothly. We highly value community feedback to make sure all issues are on our radar, so please keep sending things our way by submitting a mobile-specific ticket to us on the Support Page.

New Beta Regions

We’re stepping up the game and opening up access to two highly anticipated countries – welcome, Germany and Australia!

We’re well aware and extremely grateful that we have fans all across the world eagerly awaiting access. However, as we’ve mentioned before, access can only be opened incrementally to allow us to be as efficient as possible with data – too much all at once is an unproductive information overload. We hope you can continue to be patient with us as we make sure the game is ready to go with our big global launch coming up this year.

While it does not guarantee early access, we encourage you to pre-register to stay up to date on all things Dead by Daylight on Mobile, and for the chance to earn in-game rewards at launch.

We can’t thank you enough for your support and dedication! We’ll see you soon, in The Fog…

Apologies to anyone else who wanted to eat here today – DbD Mobile dev team lunch took over the entire restaurant

The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team


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