November 8, 2019

Hello People of the Fog,

This has been one of the most exciting weeks for us since we announced Dead by Daylight for Mobile – after months of work, Survivors can now party up and face the Trials together. While we initially planned to release Party Management with our global launch, the community made it clear that playing with friends is an integral part of the Dead by Daylight experience. We agree, and we moved the feature up the priority list.

We’ve also added a new map that was teased in a video earlier last month; starting this week, you’ll be able to visit Yamaoka Estate: Family Residence.

Last but not least, after a lot of community feedback regarding the need to adjust settings based on device specifications, we’ve added a feature in the Settings menu to allow players to select graphics and framerate that best suit their device.

Party Management

The Party Management system, which includes the well-known Survive with Friends game mode, allows players to add to their friends list, and invite them to play together in a group. Adding a player to your friends list is easy; use the search bar in the friends list menu to manually search, or browse under the suggestions tab to add players you’ve recently played with.

When a friend is online, select their name and tap Add to Party to invite them to play.

Once an invite is sent, players will receive a prompt to accept or refuse the invitation.

As soon as a player checks off that they’re Ready, the queue begins! Party members will have a short timer to mark themselves as Ready, and once this timer depletes or all players are marked Ready, the party is sent into matchmaking together.

NOTE: The Kill your Friends mode is unavailable at this time, and switching role to Killer will eject you from the party.

Graphics Settings

Another new feature rolled out in this week’s update is adjustable graphics settings. While lower end devices might already be on the optimal settings by default, players with higher end devices will be able to make adjustments to enjoy the game at a higher framerate.

On Android and iOS devices, framerate can be toggled between 30 and 60 FPS, and brightness can be adjusted between 0 and 100%. To find these settings, click the cog icon on your home screen and navigate to the Graphics tab.

New Map

In this update, take a trip to the realm of Yamaoka Estate, to the Family Residence – home of The Spirit.

Bug Fixes and Optimization

With every update, we take the opportunity to review and resolve issues. While it’s an ongoing process, especially in a Beta phase, we’re grateful for the feedback and bug reports we’ve received from players; we log everything that comes our way and make sure each bug gets fully investigated. Here are the main issues we’ve fixed in this update:

  1. Fixed issue where perk icons are placeholders
  2. Fixed issue where sleeves of The Reckoning outfit for The Spirit blocked the screen
  3. Fixed issue where The Pig’s vision is blocked by grass
  4. Fixed issue where the walls around the Garage Door in Gas Heaven are transparent
  5.  Fixed issue where generator lights don’t blink
  6. Fixed issue where notifications were sent multiple times
  7. Fixed issue where tally screen pages and pop-ups were not appearing properly
  8. Fixed issue where force refresh in the Bloodmarket was not working properly
  9. Fixed issue where the lighting on certain maps was either extremely dark or extremely bright
  10. Fixed issue where grass was totally black on some maps (still an ongoing improvement)
  11. Fixed issue where player loses rank if all players disconnect
  12. Fixed crashes on Father Campbell’s Chapel map
  13. Fixed invisible collisions when attacking near a survivor
  14. Fixed issue where Huntress hatchet instantly breaks if you throw it upwards

We hope you’ll enjoy our biggest update yet – we can’t wait to hear about your adventures in the Trials alongside friends.


Feeling cute, might kill some Survivors later. IDK

Unfortunately we’ve fixed most of the black grass so he won’t be able to re-use that costume next Halloween


We’ll see you soon in The Fog…


The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team


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