December 11, 2019

Hello People of The Fog,

This week we released a new update, with the objective of improving the new player experience, as well as fixing critical issues. While most of these changes are on the back-end, we’ve included a run-down of what we’ve added and fixed.

We’re also ready to start talking about what’s going on with global launch. We apologize for the radio silence on this matter; we’ve been taking some time to assess the state of the game and the path ahead to a full release.

Bug Fixes and Optimization

Every time we do an update, we review all the bugs and dedicate a week, known around the office as ‘bug week’, to tackle as many of them as we can. This past bug week was very successful, as we were able to address some of the biggest issues players have been running into.

Here’s what we’ve included with this update:

What’s new:

  • New Login Rewards Calendar for players on the newest game version
  • Added button for Add-Ons with a Secondary Action
  • Introduced Starter Rituals for new players
  • Added Map Name upon game start
  • Matchmaking balance changes to Rank system
  • Added new customizations
  • Removed WW2 Nurse Uniform

General bug fixing:

  • Fixed issue where audio cuts off mid-game
  • Fixed issue where dull and hex totems looked the same
  • Fixed issue where Bloodmarket is empty after second force refresh
  • Fixed issue where some devices need to reboot the app in order to receive friends and party invitations
  • Fixed bug where The Spirit was invisible at certain angles when wearing specific outfits
  • Fixed bug where pallets have collision in game if broken using Spirit Fury
  • Fixed bug where Hunt Rituals cannot be completed
  • Fixed bug where the perk Open-Handed wasn’t working
  • Fixed issue where Claudette’s Earthly Delights customization was missing
  • Updated overlay for Survivors infected by The Plague’s Killer Power
  • Fixed the missing collisions in Father Campbell’s Chapel
  • Fixed the tokens for the perk Furtive Chase
  • Fixed the tokens for the perk Save the Best for Last
  • Fixed the missing timer for The Nurse’s Killer Power
  • Fixed bug where blood can be seen on a locker when an injured Survivor is hiding inside

Rank Balance Changes

In response to feedback about increasingly long queue times and difficulty ranking up, we have made some balance changes to the Rank system in order to maintain a better player distribution across the Ranks.

As of this patch, it will take the following number of Pips to earn a Rank:

  • Brown Ranks (20-17): 2 Pips
  • Yellow Ranks (16-13): 3 Pips
  • Green Ranks (12-9): 3 Pips
  • Purple Ranks (8-4): 4 Pips Red Ranks (3-1): 5 Pips

Starter Rituals

In order to get new players caught up and ready to face their first Trials, we are testing Starter Rituals, which will allow new players to discover the most important Dead by Daylight Mobile gameplay mechanics. Players who have already started playing will also receive these Starter Rituals, and any progress made in them applies retroactively.

Login Rewards Calendar

As you’ve all come to expect with new updates, the Login Rewards Calendar is back for a limited time. Log in every day to claim a reward; you’ll have a couple days of buffer room, but don’t miss too many or else you won’t be able to earn them all.

Global Launch Plans

Let’s cut to the chase.

Despite a lot of hard work this year from the dev team, our official release will not be coming in 2019.

We’ve done a major review of the work still left to do before we release the game to the world. We’re very proud of how far we’ve come so far; we’ve brought the Dead by Daylight experience to Mobile, all the while making our own mark with exclusive features. However, delaying until 2020 will give us the time we need to fully polish the game to meet players’ standards, as well as our own.

Thanks to all the community feedback from our Beta testers, we have a very clear vision of what we need to do in order to confidently launch all around the world, and will be taking this extra time to identify and resolve bugs, improve the player experience, and polish.

We’d like to issue a personal apology to Canada, a country we’d announced Beta access for back in September. We would also like to take this time to thank everyone waiting patiently for Beta access to reach their country. However, at this time, we will not be opening access to any more countries until we launch globally. We understand this is disappointing, but we can’t wait to show off the finished product when the time comes.

Until then, we will continue to openly share our development process, gather and make use of your valuable feedback, and work on making Dead by Daylight Mobile the best game it can be. We’ll see you in The Fog in 2020.

What’s Next

With the holiday season drawing closer, we would be remiss if we didn’t have any fun surprises; stay tuned for more details later this week!


The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team



A Dead by Daylight Mobile update introduces Mikaela Reid as a playable character alongside the new Boon Totem mechanic, as well as new customizations and bug fixes.


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