January 24, 2020

Hello People of the Fog,

With the new year underway, we’re as excited as ever to keep bringing Dead by Daylight closer and closer to global launch.

Our new year kicked off with a small update to fix some pressing bugs and do some serious work to diagnose and resolve the issues that prevented last month’s Bloodhunt+ from working as expected.

With these fixes out of the way, we’re back on track with our regularly scheduled programming, and look forward to bringing some new things to Dead by Daylight Mobile early this year. Stay tuned!

Development Updates

The development team is very grateful for your patience regarding the launch postponement to 2020. Adjusting the development cycles has made a big positive improvement; we have the opportunity to test all features and bug fixes more thoroughly, allowing us to catch more issues before they make it to the live beta game.

This extra time has also given us the leeway to experiment a bit more with community suggestions and feedback, a very important aspect of a beta phase; please bear with us as we continue to adjust matchmaking, ranks, and progression to strike a balance that suits as many players as possible.

Double Character XP Event

Last month, we promised the Bloodhunt+ event, which awards double Bloodpoints and double Character experience points, but it did not go as planned. We were testing it in a closed Beta, which is the best possible time for an event to go awry; nevertheless, we want to apologize to the players affected.

Yesterday we started testing a double Character XP event which, knock wood, we are pleased to report is going off without a hitch so far. With this big boost to Character progression, this is a great week to level up, unlocking more Perks for your Characters. Don’t forget that levelling a Character to 50 and using the Prestige feature will award some Auric Cells and start unlocking pieces of a special Prestige outfit.

While we’d hoped to also include a double Bloodpoint bonus during the event, the performance of this component has still been a little too unreliable during our testing. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to testing this again with our beta players at a later date.

DemoNight Montreal – January 28th

We are extremely proud to be invited to present at DemoNight, an opportunity in our home city of Montreal to showcase our game for the local development community. DemoNight features 15 studios, big and small, presenting a quick demo of their work-in-progress game.

If you’re in Montreal and want to join us, tickets are for sale here. They sell out quickly, so grab one soon!

For those who cannot make it to the live event, you can tune into the stream to see our demo alongside some great pre-release games from fellow Canadian studios. Dead by Daylight Mobile is scheduled for approximately 7:45 PM EST. Here is the link.

We hope you’re as excited for the coming year as we are; we’ll be in touch again soon. Stay safe out there!


The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team



A Dead by Daylight Mobile update introduces Mikaela Reid as a playable character alongside the new Boon Totem mechanic, as well as new customizations and bug fixes.


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