July 23, 2020

Hello People of the Fog, 

We have just wrapped up the third month post-launch and couldn’t be happier with the continued progress in the game since April’s release. We have maintained our cadence of monthly updates, bringing back favourites like The Cannibal and the realm of Haddonfield, introducing brand new outfits to be found in the Bloodmarket, and countless bug fixes and quality of life improvements.  

This month we’re excited to roll out our first ever new game mode, designed for new players and veterans alike to challenge the Trials in a low-stakes environment, great for developing and perfecting skills. As with every monthly update, we’ve also created a new batch of Bloodmarket outfits! 


Training Mode 

Last week we released a new Feature Spotlight covering the Training Mode – give it a watch below for a quick run-through of how this new mode works!

Training Mode is a 
solo-experience that pits the player with or against AI bots. The conditions mirror that of a real Trial; all the objectives and game mechanics are identical, and you will even be rewarded with 50% of Bloodpoints earned and 10% of Character experience for appeasing or outwitting The Entity.  

This game mode is geared towards both newer players and long-time patrons of The Fog. For players starting their journey, Training Mode is an opportunity to learn core mechanics and build confidence with a character without competitive pressure. For a more experienced players with a high rank to protect, this mode offers the chance to refine skills and experiment with new characters and builds before jumping back into the fray. Training Mode bots also scale in difficulty so that they always put up a good fight regardless of your skill level.


Cook Out Outfits 

Fire up the BBQ and pull out the picnic blanket; the Cook Out Collection is this month’s set of Bloodmarket outfits, available now through August 23. Found in Gold Tier Super Mystery Boxes are new summer cook out inspired outfits for Ace Visconti, Jane Romero, The Huntress, and The Clown. 


Into the Wilderness Revival 

Players from the Dead by Daylight Mobile beta test may remember the first ever Bloodmarket outfits. Starting today, they are now available in the Store for Iridescent Shards to allow all players the chance to acquire these unique customizations for Meg Thomas and The Wraith.  


A big thank you to all our players for your ongoing support. We’ll see you in The Fog! 
The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team 





A Dead by Daylight Mobile update introduces Mikaela Reid as a playable character alongside the new Boon Totem mechanic, as well as new customizations and bug fixes.


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