November 24, 2021

Hello People of the Fog,

Halloween came and went all too fast; there’s something magical about dialing up the spooky to 11 and celebrating haunting season with you all. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Community Challenge – you crushed all the Milestones to unlock new customizations for Claudette and The Legion.  

With the holidays just around the corner, we still have a lot in store for you, starting with a highly anticipated new Killer – The Cenobite. 


What’s New: 

  • The Cenobite comes to Mobile 
  • Pre-game & Post-game Chat Stickers 
  • Auto-run Improvements 
  • Ugly Sweaters Event 
  • New Customizations 


The Cenobite 

There’s a box in the distance. Intricately designed and golden, the allure is undeniable. A faint ripple of caution stirs. Otherworldly pleasures lie within, but beyond that lies something darker. Visions of chains and flesh, of suffering beyond comprehension. And yet, the temptation proves too strong. The Lament Configuration unlocks – and so emerges a visitor. 

The Cenobite is available now – read more here.


New Feature: Chat & Stickers 

We hear the requests for a way to converse with other players before and after matches.  

We’ve added Stickers! These Stickers feature original characters and let you express yourself while waiting for a match. After the Trial ends, a collection of ready-made phrases let you share a quick word with other players from your match.

We wanted to keep the phrases short and sweet to make sure this feature fits with the pace of Dead by Daylight Mobile – play a match, share a moment with your teammates, and go again! 


Auto-Run Improvements 

We’ve seen a lot of feedback about the Auto-Run feature when performing other actions. We hear you; it can be frustrating that Auto-Run continues until you deactivate it, even if you stop to perform an action, like repairing a generator.  

To make the control feel better, we’ve added a new setting in Options to make Auto-Run deactivate automatically after performing certain actions. However, we understand that different players prefer different playstyles, so have opted to give this feature a toggle – give it a whirl, and decide which option suits you best. 


Ugly Sweaters Event 

It’s nearly time to ring in the holidays, and it’s important to dress for the occasion. Starting now until January 16th 2022, find every single ugly sweater that’s been released for Mobile, for free, in the Bloodmarket.  

Unlike past Super Mystery Box events which traditionally feature specific items for a short period of time, we’re feeling the holiday spirit and enabling them all for the entire duration of the event. Please note that Characters must be owned in order to find their ugly sweaters in Super Mystery Boxes. Happy hunting! 


New Customizations 

Here’s a sneak peek at a new collection hitting Dead by Daylight Mobile this month. The Seoul Sights Collection releases soon – stay tuned. 


Discord Closure 

With heavy hearts we have made the decision to close the Dead by Daylight Mobile Discord server effective December 1st. This decision was made in favour of putting a focus on our more sustainable and scalable Player Support system, where players can submit feedback, report issues, and get personalized assistance with any account inquiries. Read our full statement here. 

We will miss being part of your day-to-day chatting about the game amongst friends, but we encourage you to join some of the awesome fan communities out there that bring players together. 

As for official platforms, you can still find us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. 


Thank you for an incredible 2021 in The Fog! 

Happy Holidays, 

The Dead by Daylight Mobile Team 



The Hallowed Curse never truly fades. Luckily, three protective – and stylish – new outfits have come...


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