July 26, 2021

Add some fresh blood to your next trial with two characters from A Binding of Kin. 


Dead by Daylight Mobile continues to expand its roster of Killers and Survivors welcoming two more characters into the Fog. Discover new powers, perks, and lore while getting creative with your kills and escapes thanks to the unique gameplay of The Twins and Élodie Rakoto 

To celebrate the arrival of these new characters Dead by Daylight Mobile is rolling out a special Bloodhunt+ event in their honor. Players can earn 3x the Character Experience and Bloodpoints when playing as either The Twins or Élodie Rakoto from July 26th to July 29th. 



New Killer – The Twins (Charlotte and Victor Deshayes)

Conjoined twins from 17th century France, Charlotte and Victor’s emotional and physical bonds were twisted into something truly terrifying by The Entity as they were pulled into its realm. One of the most singular Killers ever introduced to Dead by Daylight, The Twins provide players the unique ability to control both siblings, literally being in two places at once. Divide the conjoined twins and switch between Charlotte and Victor to track, reveal, and capture your prey while proving that two heads really are better than one.  



New Survivor – Élodie Rakoto

After her parents’ mysterious disappearance at the age of 14, Élodie Rakoto’s life was transformed into an endless search for answers. A search that led to the occult and eventually… into the Entity’s realm. Cunning, smart, and defiant until the end, Élodie represents a challenge for any Killer that stalks her footsteps. Whether it’s an ability to find resources where no others can, disappear without a trace when a quick escape is needed, or win even the most unlikely of power struggles, this is a capable Survivor who’s fun to play and built to last.  



The new Killer and Survivor can both be found in Dead by Daylight Mobile’s Characters menu. 



Step into the Fog as The Twins and Élodie Rakoto today! 



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