May 11, 2021

Blinding rage and a deadly father complex. If your last name is Yamaoka, it runs in the family. 


Tracing a dark lineage across centuries, Dead by Daylight Mobile welcomes the Yamaoka Curse Collection with terrifying new outfits for The Oni and The Spirit. 



The Oni – Cursed Fate 

If one were to believe tales of the bloodthirsty creature butchering his way across the Japanese countryside, Kazan Yamaoka became a demon long before The Entity ever claimed him. Whether he was always fated to curse himself and his bloodline can never be known, but the black fury that consumed him would cast a shadow over the Yamaoka name for generations to come. 


The Spirit – Awakened Origin 

Rin Yamaoka was murdered in her family home at the hands her father, driven to madness by the same dark forces that corrupted his ancestors before him. She swore an oath of blood and vengeance, embracing the wrath that was her birthright with her dying breath. The Spirit is all that remains of Rin: a tortured specter, clad in bloodstained armor inherited from The Oni himself. She exacts her revenge by forcing others to suffer as she didA fitting end to a cursed legacy. 



Both Cursed Fate and Awakened Origin are VERY RARE outfits and can be found under The Oni and The Spirit’s customization menus. Pieces for both outfits can be bought and equipped individually, allowing you to mix, match, and create your own looks.  



Get The Spirit’s Awakened Origin and The Oni’s Cursed Fate outfits now in Customizations. 





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