September 27, 2021

Sun, sea, and sacrifices. Dead by Daylight Mobile hits the beach.  


Just because you happen to be locked in a horrific game of cat and mouse doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a nice day at the beach. Dead by Daylight Mobile adds 3 new easy, breezy outfits for Yui Kimura, David King, and The Trapper from the Waterfront Massacre Collection to help make running for your life or sacrificing Survivors feel like a tropical vacation.  



Yui Kimura – Sun Seeker 


On a warm August morning that seemed to demand a change of scenery, Yui hopped on her bike and sped south on the highway. Soon Tokyo was far behind her, and the sights and sounds of Shikine-jima lay ahead. She parked her bike at the edge of the beach and dug her toes into the sand. Her colorful tank top, humble shell necklace, and shredded summer shorts easily blended in with the crowd as she found a quiet place to sit, breathe in the sea air, and be still. In a life increasingly defined by speed, it was nice to slow things down once in a while.  


David King – Impromptu Beach Photoshoot 


Head still pounding from a lengthy pub crawl the night before, David awoke on the beach dazed and bleary eyed in the dirty patch of sand he had mistaken for his bed. Stumbling along the shore he was spotted by a photographer and unexpectedly offered a spot in a trendy menswear photoshoot. Unable to turn down a paycheck and too hungover to muster an objection, David donned the lifeguard props handed to him and attempted to look suave. He secretly promised himself he’d find a way to steal every bit of this wardrobe before the day was done. 


The Trapper – Seaside Psycho 


On dark, foggy nights, residents of the sleepy fishing village would spin yarns of the fabled Seaside Psycho cursed to wander their shores in search of victims. Legend had it that the killer wore an ominous mask dug up from the very depths of sea. Mangled by a boat motor from head to toe, wrapped in nets, and encrusted in barnacles, the beast would rise with the tide broken anchor in hand, eager to descend upon whichever poor soul had the misfortune of crossing his sandy path. 


All three outfits for Yui Kimura, David King, and The Trapper can be found under their respective customization menus. Their pieces can be bought and equipped individually allowing you to mix, match, and create your own looks. 


Hit the beach with new outfits for Yui Kimura, David King, and The Trapper, available now. 




Tons of frighteningly festive fun, locked and loaded for October and beyond.    The month of October is in full swing...


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